The diesel engine pump station SQ150K

The diesel engine pump station SQ150K
Manufacturer: Łukomet
Model: D100, SQ150K
product Description


The pumping station is designed to pump large quantities of water with a low lift in order to drain the flood or to transport water for land reclamation. The pump station is used for irrigation along furrows with water and with the flooded irrigation method, helps to fill and drain fish ponds and pump out flooded areas. For medium polluted water. Irreplaceable where there is no electricity. For long continuous work.

Construction and principle of operation

In the standard version the pump station is installed on a uniaxial chassis made of steel profiles with a folding support and drawbar. The main working elements are the KUBOTA OC95E air-cooled single-cylinder diesel engine, and ROVATTI S3QN150 single-stage pump. The shafts are connected by a flexible coupling. The pump connections are equipped with a quick-release ratchet coupling: D.200 on the suction side and 2x110 STORZ on the discharge side of pump. The nozzle is equipped with a throttle valve, a manometer and a manual vacuum pump. Easy control pumping station by one person. The pump station is equipped with a D.200 mm semi-plastic drain hose, with or without bottom valve. On the discharge side, it is most convenient to use STORZ110 flat hoses.

Fuel consumption, depending on engine load (power and water pressure), can be taken as 0.2 l / h for each hp unit required for pump power.

ŁUKOPOMP pump stations are made to order. It is also possible to install additional modifications to meet specific customer requests.

Wydajność [m3/h]:0 - 190
Wysokość podnoszenia [m]:10 - 0
Masa [kg]:160
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