Soft rain

Soft rain
Manufacturer: Łukomet
Model: N150
product Description
 Purpose and scope of application The "soft rain" spraying beam is designed for strip irrigation; both ridge and flat crops, most often used immediately after sowing seeds or planting seedlings. Soft rain allows for a very gentle, non-invasive and non-erosive way to irrigate only a narrow strip of soil and only a few centimeters deep with cultivated plants, leaving the inter-strips not watered, which hinders the development of weeds on them. Soft rain with maximum water savings, applied in narrow stripes, ensures the comfort of germination and development of the root system of a young plant. Thanks to the far-reaching water savings, it is possible to irrigate effectively even with a water tanker. The water tanker should be able to open the drain valve from the driver's cab. Construction, completion, principle of operation Soft rain is a special construction, mounted with clamps to a barrel wagon, extendable beam made of acid-resistant steel, equipped with a set of high-performance, but super-low-pressure, double nozzles installed at an appropriate angle low above the ground. The nozzle units are supplied separately from the filtered water collector and can be individually and precisely adjusted. The filter used allows you to use technologically clean water, but even natural surface intakes such as a pond, lake, river, drainage ditch. According to the user's needs, it is provided; working width, spacing of nozzles adapted to the servicing of a specific row spacing, development for a specific water tanker, system of precise adjustment of the working pressure when changing the water table height in the water tank. There is a special "soft rain" design to work with the reel-to-reel sprinkler. Technical data Dimensions when folded 2200 x 800 x 2400 Width after unfolding the arms 9350 Weight without water 80 kg 10 m working width Number of nozzle rows 14 The spacing of the nozzles is 0.75 m Water capacity 280 l / min The width of the hydrated strip is 20 cm Working speed 1200 m / h for a spraying dose of 5 mm Range of 70 m with a 1000 l barrel capacity (420 m with a 6000 l barrel) Run time 4 min with 1000 l (24 min with 6000 l drum)
Rozpiętość [m]:9,3
Szer. rob [m]:10
Wydajność [m3/h]:16,8
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