About us

LUKOMET is a private company which goes in for the trade of agricultural machines since 1981. Crops irrigation became its leading activity after 1989 and lasts till now. Our main aim is full completion of irrigation systems and slurry technology chosen and adjusted to particular conditions of each farm. On investor’s application, we take part in the whole irrigation undertaking, initially fixing water requirements and possibilities of its receiving, through finding the proper technology and equipment, to general performance and delivery of irrigation machines from any producer in the world. LUKOMET is the only manufacturer of special irrigation electric pumps, tractor pumps, diesel pumps, reel delivery pipes, car pipes, reel irrigation machines in Poland. We are also able to design and realize any untypical part of irrigation system and slurry technology.

LUKOMET is not a subdivision of any domestic or foreign firm. We have business contacts with many companies engaged in irrigation all the world over. We assure our investors of proper equipment of any world mark in accordance with individual preferences. We are the only company that provide courses concerning irrigation for farmers. We co-operate with scientist from all institutes and universities in Poland taking up the problem of crops irrigation. We demonstrate and popularize irrigation engineering on fairs, exhibitions and scientific conferences. Every year we visit biggest and most important international exhibitions and it gives us basic knowledge about the newest achievements of world irrigation engineering.
LUKOMET assures its customers about unfailing equipment, all necessary certificates, warranty, instruction in Polish and English, staff training, and after warranty service.
At distinct investor’s request we are able to ensure necessary documents for using water and work out crops irrigation technology including such data as: soil type, crops growth requirements, elevation changes in the field, climatic conditions. We are also able to work out technical design, create water intake, deliver underground pipe installation, deliver equipment and machines with our own transport, supervise exploitation, all life maintenance, improving, and help with sale of retired equipment. For the last 17 years LUKOMET has gained a high specialization and nowadays we take part in every important irrigation and slurry technology enterprise in Poland.

Krzysztof Łuszczyk


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