M700 - Pulsed

M700 150 E Pulse Sprinkler

M700 150 E Pulse Sprinkler
Manufacturer: Łukomet
Model: M700
product Description

The pulse sprinkler is designed mainly for spraying the ground surface in order to prevent dusting, to maintain moisture in the surface layer of soil and to prevent drying eg of wood in landfills. It is particularly useful when it is necessary to maintain large and very large areas that are still wet, and it is unnecessary, undesirable or almost unacceptable to use the intensity of traditional sprinklers, leading to large amounts of water entering subsurface layers or even erosive runoff. Pulse sprinklers are used in ash dumps, garbage dumps, mine heaps, dusty volumetric landfills, periodically dried overflows, wood repositories, etc. An important advantage of pulse sprinklers is the large and very large range - that is, a large sprinkled surface - with negligible requirements regarding the efficiency of the supply installation, which allows the use of very small diameters of power cords.

Construction and principle of operation

A long-range impact water gun is installed on the pressure tank of the pressure tank. A special construction is installed between the water tank chamber and the cannon, a full-flow valve controlled by a three-way, bistable solenoid valve. The controller dedicated for this purpose enables infinite adjustment of the time of filling the diaphragm tank and separately the time of water firing through the cannon. Two R20 batteries are sufficient for one working season. The cannon has the ability to set the sectoral work angle. It is powered by a multistage 2500 W 230V electric pump combined with a thin, garden pulse sprinkler but a high-pressure hose with a length of up to several hundred meters.

Pulse sprinklers are placed on the area to be sprinkled in the spacing resulting from their ranges obtained at the nominal working pressure. For each sprinkler, using high-pressure (and therefore cheap and easy to move) polyethylene pipes or reinforced garden hoses is supplied with water under high pressure.

Water under pressure of up to 10 atmospheres, through a check valve and regulating valve, fills a rubber hydrophore bag in the tank by compressing the air in the outer chamber for several or even several dozen minutes. After a measured time, when the pressure reaches the maximum value of the network, a full flow electrovalve opens, the air expands and the contents of the pressure tank is fired through the nozzle of the sprinkler for several or several dozen seconds at a distance of several dozen meters. When the water is launched, the impact cannon rotates several dozen or hundreds of degrees around the axis, giving a beaded wedge or a circle segment of several hundred square meters. This surface will be sprinkled again in several dozen or several hundred minutes - when it dries so much that it threatens with dusting.

Technical and operational data

Dimensions: 550 mm height 1.30 m The average range of the sprinkler 30 m

Weight without water 35 kg Actual capacity up to 250 l / min

Capacity of the pressure tank 150 l. Spacing of sprinklers for a full coverage 45 x 45 m

SENIOR sprinkler with 16 mm nozzle. The amount of water ejected 13,800 l / day

Power cord diameter 12 - 20 mm The resulting dose of toppings. 4 - 5 mm / day

Pulse sprinklers are made in ŁUKOMET on request. Depending on the required operating parameters, especially the frequency of pouring and the size of a single dose. Containers with a capacity of 8 to 500 l are used, sprinklers with nozzles from 4 mm to 28 mm in diameter, reaching a range of 50 m and a protected area of ​​¾ ha from a single device. There are also sprinklers with a 45o inclination angle for spraying high slopes of landfills and landfills, and an adjustable angle of inclination less sensitive to wind drift.
The range of the sprinkler [m]:30
Efficiency [l / min]:250
Sprinkler spacing [m]:45x45
Tank capacity [l]:150
A film sent by the customer presenting a sprinkler at work.
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