High perfomance diesel engine pumps SQ150

High perfomance diesel engine pumps SQ150
Manufacturer: Łukomet
Model: D100, SQ150
product Description


The pump station is used for pumping water from flooded areas, pumping ponds, irrigation by the gulf method. The pump station is designed to pump water from surface water intakes, where the water level does not drop below 6 m from the pump site. It is irreplaceable in places where you need to pump water with high efficiency, in situation as lack of electricity or the impossibility of energy consumption at the level of several tens of kilowatts.

Construction and principle of operation

The pump station is mounted on a uniaxial chassis made of large-sized closed profiles that make up a 240-liter fuel tank. The station has a spring-loaded brake axle, an articulated jont device with a hydraulic or manual brake, and has road lighting for vehicles. The chassis has telescopic supports that stabilize the station during the work. The size of the wheels is 205R14C. The chassis is equipped with a 35 kW URSUS-PERKINS diesel engine coupled to an elastomeric coupling with a ROVATTI single-stage centrifugal pump. The f200 suction system with BAUER quick couplings consists of a semi-elastic PVC hose 2 m long, and a 3 m long tube, also has an arched suction basket with a bottom valve. On the discharge side, the pump is equipped with two 110 STORZ plugs with shut-off valves. The automation system protects from emergency situation, which allows the use of a pumping station without people supervision.

The station turns on by electric starter. It has liquid cooling, an exhaust fan. Dry air filter included. Engine cooling radiator. All equipment (for transport) is placed on the frame of the pumping station.

Technical details:

Length - 3200 mm

Width - 1800 mm

Height - 1650 mm

Weight without fuel - 760 kg

Engine Type - 3250

Pump Type - S3QN 150E

Wydajność [m3/h]:0 - 300
Wysokość podnoszenia [m]:31 - 0
Masa [kg]:760
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